Browns sack Burrow, Bengals behind a prevailing safeguard

Cleveland Browns On Halloween night, the Browns at long last woke up.

The Bengals entered "Monday Night Football" having scored in 41 continuous parts. 

The Browns (3-5) actually have work to do to paw as they would prefer once more into the AFC season finisher picture. 

Eye-popping Cutting edge detail: Browns QB Jacoby Brissett was given a normal of 3.24 seconds to toss per pass.

Jacoby Brissett finished 17 of 22 passes for 278 yards, including 259 passing yards when given somewhere around 2.5 seconds to toss.

Cincinnati Bengals With the Bengals in a tight fight with the Baltimore Ravens in the race for the AFC North, losing to the Browns planned to hurt Cincinnati's possibilities of rehashing as division champs.

Describe the game in two words: Brutal showing. Cincinnati's night started poorly, unraveled throughout the game and the Bengals were never even competitive against a struggling Cleveland squad.